Blockchain technology

  • Safety

    Using distributed storage, failure of a specific system does not affect the entire network
    By storing the same data in multiple repositories, there is no risk of losing data in the event of an error in one repository
  • Credibility

    Distributed storage of data makes it impossible to forge stored technology
  • Accessibility

    With a single billing password, you can easily make a payment without installing complicated processes or programs.
    It can be used in various fields such as visitor authentication system and file management system using biometric technology.
  • Affordability

    The characteristics of the block chain system enable network construction and system expansion at low cost.

Technology research and utilization plan

Single payment system

Develops a price-effective platform that meets the needs of places where temporary singular payment system is desirable such as event venue

Development of tracking system

Develops a tracking system that identifies wrong delivery and unregistered items, using blockchain

Development of smart contract
for payment delegating  system

Develops the digital asset and Payment system that can be used in traditional market, food court, and etc.

Private blockchain

Develops usable low cost and high efficiency management system and log managing system, utilizing private blockchain.