Leading corporation of the 4th Industry Combining BlockChain and Entertainment


Blockchain is the future representative of the cultural industry

Developed various platforms and services utilizing StarKST (COIN) and Blockchain

Progressive PinTech technology development

PinchTech technology for easy, convenient and secure payment system based on Blockchain technology

New paradigm of entertainment

Supporting K-pop star, Collaboration of K-pop, Musical related cultural items and high technology


Personal growth through the work challenge

  • Opportunity to grow as a world-class blockchain business professional
  • Provides a variety of job experience and opportunities for planning, development, advertising / public relations, and entertainment

Working environment oriented toward creativity and innovation

  • Active exchange and cooperation opportunities with professionals from diverse fields and perspectives
  • Give value to creativity and innovative thinking

Autonomous and pleasant work environment

  • Autonomous work atmosphere
  • Comfortable work environment

A blockchain company that contributes to society and is trusted

  • Company that use market-leading block-chain technology
  • Trusted company that value honesty and transparency