Introducing KSTARGROUP's Identity

Symbol Mark


KSTARGROUP Symbol Mark was designed to symbolize the star. It combines Coin and Star to represent Blockchain [security] + Rising [gorgeousness].

Grid system

The grid system is a drawing standard for maintaining a consistent symbol mark image of the KSTARGROUP. The use of branding is based on how the computer data is output. However, due to the nature of the media, if you can not use a digital document, you should apply it to the grid system so that it does not change its shape.

Logo Type

Logo Type & Grid System

The logo type is a unique typeface that identifies the KSTARGROUP specifically and is a key element of the Kstar Group’s CI system. It has been developed as a well-known monologue itself in harmony with symbolic markings. In addition, the logo type of KSTARGROUP should not be changed arbitrarily such as font, thickness, ratio. Care must be taken to ensure that basic identity is not distorted.


Left-right combination & top-bottom combination

The signature refers to the optimal combination of symbol and logotype combinations of the KSTARGROUP according to a specific standard. Depending on the application media, you should consider the application space layout and use the proper signatures. In general, the signature sorting principle is a combination of left and right combinations and top and bottom combinations.