As all users expected, KST is adopted as BitFriends’ key currency!
Also, StarKST will be listed on BitFriends in coming December, 14.
The below information explains how to use KST in BitFriends.

[ Date of listing ]
Listing Date: 2018 December, 14 (Friday)

1. KST market open by adoption of KST as a key currency
2. When listing a new coin, KST market will be listed preferentially
3. Transaction fee discount and refund when using KST market
4. New coin listing vote by using KST (but, it can be proceeded through a certain amount of KST only)
5. Points acquired from BitFriend’s own community (Ex. Steamit) -> conversion as KST is possible (trading is available)
6. Linking to the product payment of KSTARGROUP in the future
7. Continuous KST-related utilization plans and benefits will be announced

We will continue to do our best to make additional listings on domestic and global exchanges.
Thank you.