(Blockchain Payment Gateway System)

Safer and faster!!

Blockchain-based payment platform provides convenient and secure payment service for real-life use

STARPAY, Make a payment in a blockchain

Convenient Usability

Traditional billing systems, which require complex authentication procedures

you can easily make a payment with face verification if you have a STARPAY member ID
(Both domestic and foreigners can use it)

Provide O2O service

Payment methods that transform depending on the billing environment (on / offline), limited use

Easy to charge and easy to use on-line and off-line

Providing blockchain stability

Security problems occur when running on WEB / APP based online

Introduced the first block-chain payment system in Korea
Encrypting transactions and enhancing security

Always Safe.
Fin-Tech, which combines block chain technology, makes our payment life safer.
All payments are stored in a decentralized form, making it simple and secure.

  • Distribute linkage rules when providing modules so that websites in general can easily link within 1~2 hours

  • Induce the use of service via
    (Ticket purchase, fan meeting events application, watching drama, buying MD goods, 020 service, etc.)

  • Payment done in less than 10 secs using Starpay (Blockchain Payment Gateway System) converted from StarKST