AD Tech & Blockchain Platform

  • Provides a variety of platforms and services that combine block-chain and Ad-Tech
  • Ad-Tech combines technical features of efficiency, transparency and low cost of block chain
  • Compensate the shortcomings of existing Ad-Tech, rebirth of services utilizing merits


Currently, we are running our own PLAY AD platform, which has a monthly premium of 300 million PV, and will upgrade to Ad-Exchange platform supporting retargeting ads.
  • Securing PC & Mobile main page of major domestic media and community
  • Retargeting-based ad platform will be launched
  • Targeting products based on DMP will be launched


We are planning to launch a platform to support and connect K-Culture fans around the world.
It is a service that provides a variety of contents related to K-Culture created by the media and user participation in multiple languages.
  • K-POP Media SNS Service for global fans
  • Content production from domestic media companies, user participation editors
  • Global version of service and integrated reward system will be operated

Road map