Entertainment Management Agency

STARENT will ultimately emerge as a new power in K-Culture in the global market by expanding opportunities for cultural enjoyment and supplying content based on 4th industrial technology.


  • Manage artist recruitment inside and outside
  • Develop artists by finding new talents and training system
  • Increase in artist value through KSTAR GROUP platform


  •  Promotion, production and investment in Broadcasting programs
  • Promotion, production and investment in Movie/ Drama
  • Promotion, production of commercials, music video and other video clips


  •  Content & Commerce business through KSTAR platform
  • Build Kstar’s own proprietary on concert broadcasting platform
  • Production and support of concert business through the platform


  • Performance promotion / Investment / Distribution
  • Analyzing performance DB market and finding value
  • Introduction of payment system through festival


  • Discovering and training Korean artists
  • Producing and training global management idol
  • Finding new artist through local and global audition business

We make investments in quality content and provide ticket sales so that everyone in the world as well as local fans can enjoy local/global concerts, fan meetings, awards ceremonies, festivals, and musicals.



  • Debuted in 2003 with “Come to me”
  • Worked with world-renowned producer Dark Child and female rapper Lil ‘Kim to present a digital single
  • Mini album released in 2010
  • February 2012 Mini album Presentation
  • In 2015, the musical
  • 2015 live tour in Japan for 10th anniversary after debute
  • 2016 mini album [I AM SE7EN]
  • In 2018, the musical

Eun ga eun

  • JTBC “Go to the end” Finals
  • MBC singing contest “Masked king” “Little Wizard Abracadabra”
  • Music Bank / Popular Music / Music Center / Show Champion / The Show
  • Stockings / Hidden Singer / Three Kings / Little Concert
  • Hunan TV Music Broadcasting in China, Chinese University Tour
  • 7 Digital Singles, 8 OST Songs, Lim Jae Beom’s 30th Anniversary Album , Kim Jang Hoon Duet