Creative Advertisement

KSTARAD is an integrated marketing specialist, planning and producing suitable advertising materials.
New media, contents marketing, digital marketing,
Offering various commercial media contents on both domestic and foreign TV, newspaper, Commercial, video production, etc.

Consulting & Plan

Promote understanding of creative strategy development and brand value & characteristics to clients, and select appropriate advertising medium to manage and monitor from advertisement strategy collection to production.

Online Commercial

  • Contents Commercials
    Choosing appropriate channel for product & service target and proceeding
  • SNS Commercials
    Increasing follower number and creating wide PR effect

Offline Commercial

  • Outdoor Advertisement
    Exposing brand at a place with large floating population such as major public transportation areas
  • Event
    Increasing brand likeability by inducing target to participate
  • PR Booth
    Increasing purchase conversion rate by providing trials for a product and service

Contents Production

  • Video Advertisement
    Planning and Producing video for TV and online media
  • Commercial Design
    Producing visual design for effective advertisement of a product


  • Media PR
    Growing credibility by using media outlets’ public confidence
  • Domestic PR
    Increasing brand awareness by using various media
  • Overseas PR
    Conduct public relations on domestic and foreign consumers by utilizing various overseas media